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Objectives of the Sri Rama Educational Trust
  • To promote medical education and healthcare.
  • To establish medical and paramedical institutions.
  • To establish and maintain homes for the aged and orphans.
  • To establish institutions for physically handicapped and the disabled.
  • To provide relief and assistance to victims of natural calamities.
  • To provide free medical services to the poor patients 
  • To provide community based health services 
Objectives of the Maharajah's Institute of Medical Sciences
These objectives have been formulated with the present health scenario in mind taking the regulations of the Medical Council of India and the University of Health Sciences of Andhra Pradesh into account.
The student at the end of the course for the award of MBBS  Degree shall:
  • Be able to diagnose and manage common health problems of the individual and community at the primary and secondary level as a first contact physician.
  • Recognise emergencies and administer necessary treatment while forwarding the needy's case for referral to higher / tertiary health centres.
  • Be aware of National Health Programmes and implement them.
  • Practice preventive, promotive, curative and rehabilitative medicine.
  • Administer a healthcare centre.
  • Be a leader in a healthcare delivery team.
  • Observe and perform medico-legal procedures.
  • Understand the interrelation of social, psychological, cultural, economic, nutritional environmental factors and health.
  • Practice Medicine on ethical grounds.
  • Collect, compile, analyse and interpret data and specimen related to health and diseases.
  • Organise and deliver healthcare facilities during epidemics, disasters and similar situations.
  • Acquire the skills necessary for the above.
  • Recognise, learn and practice the affective elements desired for the healthcare delivery.
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